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kmcowan 20 January, 2016 0


Our domain name defines us.  We are a consortium — a “club,” of sorts, whose goal is to provide the finest, next-generation solutions for capturing data critical to your business operations.  “Who is working on What with Which tools and Where are they doing this work.”  The answer to this salient question will always reside just a voice command away, when you join the Capture Club.
Our solutions are intended to move the industry forward.  We offer a variety of “bleeding edge” proprietary technologies that create the most sublime user experiences.  For example, our ZEN (Zero Experience Necessary) allows you to issue voice commands to the application, providing the highest degree of mobile usability.  Our interfaces are all cross-platform compatible and utilize best-practice responsive design patterns.  This ensures that you’ll be able to use the Capture Club application whether your on a Mac or PC, whether you’re using a tablet or a smart phone.
With over 50 years combined experience spent developing best-in-show, enterprise-class solutions, our development team stands behind all our applications.  We guarantee you the finest user experience and customer support available.  When you have critical job data that requires on-the-fly access, reporting and management, you want to feel confident in your solution.  Using the Capture Club solution, you may rest assured that your data will always be available to you when you need it, via a secure, robust user experience.
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