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kmcowan 1 October, 2018 0

AEDONS: Encrypted XML/JSON Application Data Server

Secure, encrypted bi-directional communication anywhere!

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Communications between a central repository and a remote client present a wide variety of security issues.  Sending data “over the wire” is in-and-of-itself a precarious notion, given that the data must be exchanged between many processes, routers, gateways, firewalls and so on in order to reach its final destination.  The trip along the way presents opportunities for hackers to swipe this date from the air.

It is for this reason that Capture Club created the Asynchronous Encrypted Data Object Network Server or AEDONS.

AEDONS allows for secure, 256-bit AES encrypted communication anywhere, and between any client/server implementation.   For faster, but less secure, requirements, you can dial-down the encryption to simple Base 64 encoding.

Built to serve as an inter-modal connection point, AEDONS can plug into any application or environment that supports agnostic XML or JSON communications.


  • Allows for dynamic changed of encryption seed phrase.
  • Stores past key phrases for backwards compatibility.
  • Provides localized admin interface.
  • Can perform any valid SQL query.
  • Supports both SQL and NoSQL environments.
  • Fast and lightweight.  Maintains a memory heap of less than 500MB.
  • Always secure, always bi-directionally encrypted communication insures that sensitive data is never exposed to the interest.


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