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Overriding the Query Pipeline, Pt III

When we last left our rogue query pipeline in Pt II, we had made our Solr query and had tucked the response into a JSON object.  This call was made from our “main” function, which is incidentally the last function — an anonymous function — declared at the end of your stage.  For example: function […]

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Overriding the Query Pipeline, Pt II

In our prior discussion, I showed you how to override the query pipeline in Fusion. So what do we do now? Most often times, the reason people want to override is to manipulate the documents, or perform some sort of transformation on the result. The problem is that in a query pipeline you never actually […]

Overriding the Query Pipeline in Lucidworks Fusion 3.x

One of the most common questions I come across when discussing a query pipeline solution would have to be this: “How do I alter or transform the final result set?” The short answer, in Fusion 3, is that you’re not able to modify that in a query pipeline, but that you would need a middle […]

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Making Lucidworks Fusion Work For You: Custom Parsing and Index Pipelines

Out-of-the-box, Lucidworks Fusion® does a great many tasks remarkably well. Every now and then, however, you come across an issue that may take a little extra effort to index. What I’ll describe below, in this particular case, is a way to circumvent the Fusion parser and spin up your own custom PipelineDocument in an Index […]

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Java and JavaScript, Living Together!

“Dogs and Cats, living together… mass hysteria!” One of the very interesting features of a JavaScript stage in Fusion (and of Java 8/Nashorn, in general) is the ability to intermingle the two languages. By way of example, I offer the following JavaScript stage. In this case, we’re pulling from an geolocation process, and creating a […]

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Our Mission: Capturing Data

These days, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science are all the buzz. And it makes sense that this would be the case. Since the advent of the Age of Information, we have been amassing data at a logarithmic rate. Current estimates set the total number of data in the world at 44ZB. That is 44 […]

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Generating an Eigen Matrix Genotype From Aggregated Imagery

Generating an Eigen Matrix Genotype From Aggregated Imagery or, the “Eigen Variant” By Kevin M. Cowan and Steve Harris October 10, 2017 Abstract: A familiar theme in facial recognition technology is “Facial recognition is hard, and remains far from an exact science at this point in its evolution.” Currently, the technology used to create useful, […]

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Securing Solr: Best Practices to Protect Your Data

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. — Kahlil Gibran Solr’s strength lies primarily in its ability to rapidly index and query vast troves of data.  With this powerful ability, however,  comes certain caveats.  One caveat in particular remains a vitally important […]

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What Sets Capture Club Apart From Other Time and Tracking Apps?

Tracking time and location for resources is certainly nothing new. There are two primary features that separate the Capture Club from other time keeping applications: Technology and Philosophy. In the Grand Scheme of things, both are equally important. I) Technology The Capture Club brings to the table more than 50 years experience developing enterprise applications […]

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Captured Data is Priceless

The venerable adage of “Time is Money” remains true today, as always.  However, with the ascension of the internet as the primary source for communication, Data now directly translates to money as well, and what you can accomplish with that data is priceless, literally. If you’re a contractor or entrepreneur managing a distributed operation, you’ll likely encounter quite […]

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