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kmcowan 2 April, 2020 0

The Best Use of a Quarrantine: Re-tool the Workforce!

The Best Way to Spend the Pandemic: Learn a New Skill!

I’ve seen (and heard) a great many people commiserating about being bored-at-home during the COVID-19 quarantines currently taking place across the nation, across the world.  We don’t know how long it will take, exactly, but we do know it will be several weeks, at a minimum.

So what to do?

During a nationwide economic reset, the absolute best thing you can do is to learn a new skill.  Robotics and Automation are going to replace many of the jobs available today.  For example, robots capable of building entire houses are already being tested in the market.  Not being developed, mind you, but being tested in production.  That’s just one step away from mass rollout.  Automated food handlers, bartenders and on and on are all on the cusp of making their entrance into the workforce.  Many such manual labor jobs will be lost over the coming decade, and we’re going to need new positions — requiring new skill sets — in order to maintain a healthy society.

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