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Use Case: AI Assists in Orchestrating Supply Chain Management

Orchestrating supply chain management via ML/PA is something Capture Club understands quite well.  In 2001, we were involved with a bleeding-edge effort to automate Trading Partner and Trading Agreement negotiations.  We utilized both Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create a system wherein you could define the parameters of your company and it’s trading partner/agreement […]

kmcowan 10 September, 2018 0

Case Study: Sphere and the Case of Contextually Related Content.

We began working with related content provider Sphere over a decade ago.  Sphere was the nexus between thousands of “long-tail” bloggers (E.g. private individuals) and high-volume news sites like CNN, Time and the Wall St. Journal.  Personally, I would say that it was easily one of my most exciting opportunities.  Working there, you really felt […]

kmcowan 1 August, 2018 0

Why a ‘Research’ Engine is better than Search.

Why would you want to use a Research Engine over a Search Engine?  The answer is simple:  You want a more in-depth answer than a search engine could ever provide.  When we first started showing our platform to the world, the first thing we heard was:  “Oh, okay, so you’re a search engine.” Well, no, […]

kmcowan 27 July, 2018 2

Capture Club Predictive Research Engine Architecture

We are NOT a Search Engine.  We are a Research Engine. Over the years, we have developed a fast, robust, resource-friendly, distributed framework for handling near-real-time Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. From a high-level, our architecture looks like this: External datasources (E.g. websites, documents, file systems, etc) are ingested using our proprietary Indexing Engine, and […]

kmcowan 26 July, 2018 0

MemeFinder: No Dictionaries Needed

When I was working for the related content provier Sphere, I was presented with an interesting problem. We were using Apache Lucene back before using Lucene was cool, and overall it worked very well. However, there were some contextual gotchas that were causing them trouble. Homonyms, in particular, were causing un-related results to appear. Being […]

kmcowan 22 July, 2018 0

Our Mission: Capturing Data

These days, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science are all the buzz. And it makes sense that this would be the case. Since the advent of the Age of Information, we have been amassing data at a logarithmic rate. Current estimates set the total number of data in the world at 44ZB. That is 44 […]

kmcowan 13 November, 2017 0