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AEDONS: Encrypted XML/JSON Application Data Server

Secure, encrypted bi-directional communication anywhere!   Communications between a central repository and a remote client present a wide variety of security issues.  Sending data “over the wire” is in-and-of-itself a precarious notion, given that the data must be exchanged between many processes, routers, gateways, firewalls and so on in order to reach its final destination.  […]

kmcowan 1 October, 2018 0

PAM: Psychiatric Annotation Manager

  Some years ago, I was asked to create a user-friendly application that would allow both psychiatrists as well as psychiatric facilities to track the treatment and medications prescribed to patients.  I came up with the concept of a Psychiatric Annotation Manager (PAM) that would allow doctors to easily track information about their patients, as […]

Use Case: AI Assists in Orchestrating Supply Chain Management

Orchestrating supply chain management via ML/PA is something Capture Club understands quite well.  In 2001, we were involved with a bleeding-edge effort to automate Trading Partner and Trading Agreement negotiations.  We utilized both Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create a system wherein you could define the parameters of your company and it’s trading partner/agreement […]

kmcowan 10 September, 2018 0

Community Alert: A Customizable 911 Emergency Alert System

  The most valuable things many people have in life are home and family.   Indeed, we spend our lives working to make the perfect home environment, only to have it whisked away as the result of a single emergency.  These days, city/county alert systems tend to be 0ver-burdened, and you don’t always know how long […]

kmcowan 7 August, 2018 0

IBM Global Services: A Case Study in Predictive Analytics

Use Case: A Global parts and services company has branches with teams all over the world.  Providing efficient servicing for these teams requires the coordination of Service Level Agreement (SLA) constraints, part availability from hundreds of downstream, supply chain vendors, and the available staff, taking into consideration union and federal regulations. It desires a system that […]

kmcowan 1 August, 2018 0

TAME: Truly Asynchronous Messaging Environment

When we talk about asynchronous communication on the internet, we’re not really talking about pure asynchronicity.   When a JavaScript client makes a standard AJAX request, it is waiting for a response — a single response — and that completes that particular communication event.  The reason this is called “asynchronous” is because it happens after the […]

kmcowan 26 July, 2018 0

MemeFinder: No Dictionaries Needed

When I was working for the related content provier Sphere, I was presented with an interesting problem. We were using Apache Lucene back before using Lucene was cool, and overall it worked very well. However, there were some contextual gotchas that were causing them trouble. Homonyms, in particular, were causing un-related results to appear. Being […]

kmcowan 22 July, 2018 0

ACREW: Adaptive Crew Response Engagement Work-engine

Author’s Note: The topic of this white paper illustrates a proposed solution to solve complex scheduling issues associated with national and international transportation.  While this solution does not current exist out-of-box, the foundational components that would power it currently exist and have been successfully deployed in a production environment.    Read more about Capture Club’s currently […]

Our Mission: Capturing Data

These days, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science are all the buzz. And it makes sense that this would be the case. Since the advent of the Age of Information, we have been amassing data at a logarithmic rate. Current estimates set the total number of data in the world at 44ZB. That is 44 […]

kmcowan 13 November, 2017 0

Captured Data is Priceless

The venerable adage of “Time is Money” remains true today, as always.  However, with the ascension of the internet as the primary source for communication, Data now directly translates to money as well, and what you can accomplish with that data is priceless, literally. If you’re a contractor or entrepreneur managing a distributed operation, you’ll likely encounter quite […]

kmcowan 20 January, 2016 0