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kmcowan 20 January, 2016 0

Captured Data is Priceless

The venerable adage of “Time is Money” remains true today, as always.  However, with the ascension of the internet as the primary source for communication, Data now directly translates to money as well, and what you can accomplish with that data is priceless, literally. If you’re a contractor or entrepreneur managing a distributed operation, you’ll likely encounter quite a struggle attempting to overcome wasted time, lost, stolen or missing equipment, employee resources, and on and on.  Being able to capture and audit this data in real-time is truly priceless.
The Mission Statement — a reminder to ourselves, really — is “fugit inreparabile tempus”, which means “it escapes, irretrievable time.”  It’s taken from Virgil’s ‘Georgics’, and we believe it remains critical today.
It becomes difficult to manage distributed teams in the field when you’re not always completely sure who is doing what where, and with what tools or resources.  Being able to see these event occur in real-time also remains truly priceless.
And at a mere $5 a person (no extra charge for equipment or other resources), it’s priceless at a bargain.
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