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"Stateful" persistence in a Fusion JavaScript Pipeline

One of the most useful features of Nashorn JavaScript in Lucidworks Fusion is the ability to access Java objects within the context of your JavaScript stage. Often times, you’ll want to maintain the state of a variable; or maybe you want to only make a REST call once, and store the result. You can certainly […]

kmcowan 5 May, 2018 0

Making an Authenticated REST Call in a Fusion Pipeline

REST… easy! There are times you just need to reach outside the box and do something. Sometimes that something would be launching a process, or perhaps making an alternate query, or even calling some third party API, like ESRI. If the REST call you’re making doesn’t require authentication, you can do that with a plain, […]

kmcowan 4 May, 2018 0

Multi-threaded JavaScripting Using the Nashorn JavaScript Engine

I have been writing JavaScript for enterprise applications for more than 20 years. From that statement, it’s easy to discern that I’ve been a JavaScript advocate for a long, long time. JavaScript is a truly unique language, sporting qualities found in both procedural and functional languages. Despite this, there has always been one glaring missing […]

kmcowan 3 May, 2018 0

Overriding the Query Pipeline, Pt III

When we last left our rogue query pipeline in Pt II, we had made our Solr query and had tucked the response into a JSON object.  This call was made from our “main” function, which is incidentally the last function — an anonymous function — declared at the end of your stage.  For example: function […]

Overriding the Query Pipeline, Pt II

In our prior discussion, I showed you how to override the query pipeline in Fusion. So what do we do now? Most often times, the reason people want to override is to manipulate the documents, or perform some sort of transformation on the result. The problem is that in a query pipeline you never actually […]

Overriding the Query Pipeline in Lucidworks Fusion 3.x

One of the most common questions I come across when discussing a query pipeline solution would have to be this: “How do I alter or transform the final result set?” The short answer, in Fusion 3, is that you’re not able to modify that in a query pipeline, but that you would need a middle […]

kmcowan 2 May, 2018 1