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kmcowan 13 November, 2017 0

Our Mission: Capturing Data

These days, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science are all the buzz. And it makes sense that this would be the case. Since the advent of the Age of Information, we have been amassing data at a logarithmic rate. Current estimates set the total number of data in the world at 44ZB. That is 44 Zettabytes, or 4.4e+10 Terabytes. As this repository of informaiton has grown, we’ve started to see some of the early warnings that a critical watershed moment lay ahead, and that we need to start rethinking data indexing and querying sooner rather than later.
To that end, there is Capture Club.
Standard SQL engines (E.g. MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle, etc) are reaching their upper limits with regards to what they can handle in the aforementioned realms of indexing and querying. While these engines are certainly capable of holding billions of documents, they lack the architecture to provide effective querying functionality, even when highly-optimized. Further, the types of querying required by today’s exacting analytics standards — the features and thresholds — simply do not exist in within the realm of these venerable engines.
Given this, it is time to begin rethinking the way you manage your data. Are you losing revenue because you’re not fully utilizing your data? Are you losing revenue to an arcane or limited search implementation? Are there potential revenue streams available within your existing data of which you might not be aware? Would it be possible that with the addition of one or more external data sources that your current information repository may become far more useful?
These are the questions to consider, and if the answer is “Yes” or “I dont’ know” to any of them, you should consider joining the Capture Club.

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