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TAME: Truly Asynchronous Messaging Environment

When we talk about asynchronous communication on the internet, we’re not really talking about pure asynchronicity.   When a JavaScript client makes a standard AJAX request, it is waiting for a response — a single response — and that completes that particular communication event.  The reason this is called “asynchronous” is because it happens after the […]

kmcowan 26 July, 2018 0

Capture Club Predictive Research Engine Architecture

We are NOT a Search Engine.  We are a Research Engine. Over the years, we have developed a fast, robust, resource-friendly, distributed framework for handling near-real-time Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. From a high-level, our architecture looks like this: External datasources (E.g. websites, documents, file systems, etc) are ingested using our proprietary Indexing Engine, and […]


Zero Experience Necessary (ZEN) The method of application development that uses a conversational agent to assist and direct users to achieve their end goal while using a piece of software.   The application developer knows far more than anyone else in what the application can do.    The “interaction” with the user is required to get “input” […]

kmcowan 23 July, 2018 0