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kmcowan 26 July, 2018 0

Capture Club Predictive Research Engine Architecture

We are NOT a Search Engine.  We are a Research Engine.

Over the years, we have developed a fast, robust, resource-friendly, distributed framework for handling near-real-time Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

From a high-level, our architecture looks like this:

Capture Club Predictive Research Engine Architecture.
This is our architecture for the Predictive Research Engine.

External datasources (E.g. websites, documents, file systems, etc) are ingested using our proprietary Indexing Engine, and either persisted into Solr or used for real-time Machine Learning by EMPATHS. Once an inverted index is constructed form the ingested data, HAIDIE goes to work building out dynamic classifiers. These classifiers are essentially nano-applications that have a topic, and a set of associations that are constantly re-evaluated for relevancy and priority.  When a query or query profile is entered into the system, HAIDIE goes to work and provides near-real-time Machine Learning, responding to the ZEN interface via the TAME protocol.   This allows for an on-going conversation, and allows the system to learn from the user.

Some of the most innovative aspects of our research engine are:

  • Runs on an average AWS micro Linux instance.
  • Consumes a mere 250 MB on average when running, yet still performs like a typical search engine.  
  • Capable of scaling out to a distributed platform to handle more intensive research requests.  
  • Capable of communicating with other registered tasks to distribute research tasks.
  • Local database is optional.

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