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kmcowan 1 October, 2018 0

PAM: Psychiatric Annotation Manager


Some years ago, I was asked to create a user-friendly application that would allow both psychiatrists as well as psychiatric facilities to track the treatment and medications prescribed to patients.  I came up with the concept of a Psychiatric Annotation Manager (PAM) that would allow doctors to easily track information about their patients, as well as allowing facilities to monitor the treatment.  The application allows for both online and offline uses, queue each action in an encrypted file.  Once the application detects that an internet connection has become available, it processes the queue.

PAM is HIPPA compliant, leveraging Capture Club’s AEDONS technology.  It is written in Java Swing, and is entirely cross-platform.  Because it uses AEDONS technology, all communication is secured, even over an un-secured connection.

PAM tracks family history, deep-background patient history, medical and pharmaceutical treatments prescribed and session notes.

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