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Case Study: Sphere and the Case of Contextually Related Content.

We began working with related content provider Sphere over a decade ago.  Sphere was the nexus between thousands of “long-tail” bloggers (E.g. private individuals) and high-volume news sites like CNN, Time and the Wall St. Journal.  Personally, I would say that it was easily one of my most exciting opportunities.  Working there, you really felt […]

kmcowan 1 August, 2018 0

Why a ‘Research’ Engine is better than Search.

Why would you want to use a Research Engine over a Search Engine?  The answer is simple:  You want a more in-depth answer than a search engine could ever provide.  When we first started showing our platform to the world, the first thing we heard was:  “Oh, okay, so you’re a search engine.” Well, no, […]

kmcowan 27 July, 2018 2