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Capture Club offers a variety of Software as a Service applications (SaaS), as well as professional consulting and advisory services. We utilize next-generation technologies like Lucene Solr, combined with proven Best Practice methodologies and decades of experience in the fields of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics to deliver to you solutions that solve your pain points, and deliver them on time, and on budget.

HAIDIE-ZEN: Next Generation Research Engine

HAIDIE is a Search Engine that loves pulling an all-nighter for you, metaphorically speaking. The platform leverages near-real-time Machine Learning and persisted Deep Learning data to produce rich, highly-relevant results.

ACREW: Adaptive Crew Response Engagement Work-engine

Any national or international business that has to move people or cargo from one place to another knows what a headache scheduling can be. Capture Club’s ACREW system takes a wide variety of factors into it’s predictive algorithm to assemble the right crew for the right job and make sure each one gets to the site. Interested?

Universal Data Caddy

So often these days, you run into data gathering hurdles. In many cases, the best data is data gathered from your users/clients/employees. To that end, Capture Club has created the Universal Data Caddy, which is capable of gather data from any website, and pushing that data towards any endpoint. The end point could be your own process, or it could be Capture Club’s HAIDIE service, that would perform near-real-time analytics on the query and provide a relevant response.

Local Alert

Local alert is a community-centric, next-generation alerting system made for remote or rural communities, HOAs, gated communities, insurance companies, and so on. This is an IoS offering, utilizing Geolocation, drone technology, the Internet of Things as well as a host communication protocols to provide the latest in high tech security. A simple phone call from a known user sets off a series of recording tools that provide documented evidence of the event, as well potential first responder assistance.


On-boarding new employees is costly and time consuming, and generally wastes productivity right out of the gate. What if you could have new employees download a single, standalone application that would have everything they needed plugged right in and ready to go? We have a solution for that, and we call it ‘Appify’. It’s a self-contained environment that exchanges data with a central hub and allows your Network Operations team to quickly put out fires as they arise, and without having to waste time going from site to site.

“Intelligent” Entity Extraction

Do you have a large database or data warehouse not being fully utilized? We’ll use our Machine Learning platform EMPATHS to extract relevancy from your structured and un-structured data.

Federal Business Opportunties (FBO) simple search tool

The FBO website is not easy to navigate or search. We’ve made it easy with a tool made for quickly zeroing in on the latest opportunities.

The Simplest Time and Tracking

Look, this is very simple:  No hidden fees, no up-sell upgrades, no service charges, bandwidth charges…nothing like that.  The bottom line is that for $5 per user,  you get unlimited time and tracking for all your resources: human, machine or otherwise. You’ll be able to find out where they were, and see pictures of what they were doing in real time.
To put a finer point on it, here are the features of the Capture Club Time and Tracking Suite that we think you’ll find useful:

  • Geolocation with historical record
  • Photo capture with historical record
  • Voice Activated service utilizing the Zero Experience Necessary (ZEN) interface.
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet usability.


Interested?  Read More about Capture Club’s Services

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