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Services is a consortium of experienced, senior technologists who produce the next generation of service industry related software with an emphasis on ease of installation, ease of configuration, and an overall usability that truely delivers a great user experience.  We implement our services using best-practice standards and the latest technologies.

Applications and Services offered by Capture Club

   Natural Language Search Analysis:

      Using natural language parsing and heuristic text analytics, our search technology is able to compare a spoken search phrase against a dynamic list of actions, and return only those results with a high statistical accuracy. This limits the number of results returned from a query from thousands of possible results, to a handful of probable results.

   Adaptive Text Analysis using lingual statistics and Artificial Intelligence

             Using sentence structures, rules of grammar, punctuation and mixing this with statistical probability, our text analysis tool is able to create a working genotype where the inherited instructions are carried within the base program code – regardless of the text length.   This genotype provides accurate and powerful search capabilities that allow for cross-indexing references to produce contextually accurate results.

   A Configurable JavaScript MVC framework utilizing AJAX and geared towards RESTful Web Services.

  Following the most recent best practices and web standards, we have developed a generic, client-side model view controller for rapidly deploying rich application interfaces. The MCV software architecure separates the representation of information from the users interaction with the information, thus delivering significant end-user flexibility and customization.

   Abhuva Human User Verification Services

       An alternative to the usability problem-laden CAPTCHA, ABHUVA offers a next generation, ‘intelligent’ means of verifying human users at your application’s gateway.

– Secure Commuincations Anywhere

     Aedon is a production-ready encrypted application server that allows thick clients to communicate securely over an unsecured connection.   Aedon offers varying encryption levels, and can be quickly adapted to support any required bi-directional encryption standard.

   Big Data Indexing and Genotyping.

      Using the services above in combination with SOLR we are able to offer a means of intelligently indexing Big Data information repositories, and providing contextually relevant and extremely accurate result sets.

   Adaptive Spam Filtering SaaS

      Our spam-monitoring tool analyzes email headers, body content and multi-part attachments and from this data is capable of ‘learning’ as spam methodologies and practices evolve, so you receive only relevant communications.

   Custom module, widget and application professional services

Our professional services team can create whatever user interface you make require, using only best practices and cross-browser compliant web standards,

   Workforce Management Tools

We offer a complete suite of tools for managing your work force, inventory or supply chain, all of which are customizable to your specifications.

   Data Visualization

Our cross-browser compliant visualization framework is capable of creating complex, dynamic rich data visualization paradigms and displaying real-time interactive data.

   2D and 3D Rendering of Real World Information and GIS Mapping

Using the ESRI mapping server framework, we can create real-time, interactive rich data visualizations that track resources worldwide.

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