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kmcowan 7 November, 2016 0

Solr Exposed!


L U C E N E / S O L R – EXPOSED! 2017

Where: Colorado Springs Marriott
When: Friday, January 6, 2017 and Saturday, January 7, 2017
What: Solr Exposed is a class dedicated to both introducing those new to Solr and Fusion to the power of these applications; and expanding the knowledge of people already working with these big data engines.
Who: Taught by Steve Harris and Kevin Cowan, with a combined 40 years experience with enterprise application development.
Why: Because Search is the App, Big Data is the future of Search, and Solr is future of Big Data.

Whether you’ve worked with Solr in the past, are evaluating it for the future, or just curious about all the Big Data buzz, this course has something to offer you!
Check out the course syllabus here
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