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Overriding the Query Pipeline, Pt III

When we last left our rogue query pipeline in Pt II, we had made our Solr query and had tucked the response into a JSON object.  This call was made from our “main” function, which is incidentally the last function — an anonymous function — declared at the end of your stage.  For example: function […]

kmcowan 3 May, 2018 0

Java and JavaScript, Living Together!

“Dogs and Cats, living together… mass hysteria!” One of the very interesting features of a JavaScript stage in Fusion (and of Java 8/Nashorn, in general) is the ability to intermingle the two languages. By way of example, I offer the following JavaScript stage. In this case, we’re pulling from an geolocation process, and creating a […]

kmcowan 16 April, 2018 0