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IBM Global Services: A Case Study in Predictive Analytics

Use Case: A Global parts and services company has branches with teams all over the world.  Providing efficient servicing for these teams requires the coordination of Service Level Agreement (SLA) constraints, part availability from hundreds of downstream, supply chain vendors, and the available staff, taking into consideration union and federal regulations. It desires a system that […]

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HAIDIE: Heuristic Analytics Integrated Data Interpretation Engine

HAIDIE — Heuristic Analytics Integrated Data Interpretation Engine In metaphorical terms, HAIDIE rules the roost.  It uses near-real-time Machine Learning coupled with the persisted Deep Learning data provided by EMPATHS to predict highly-relevant responses to your question.   We do this via a set of proprietary cross-validation algorithms coupled with industry standard TF*IDF and BM25.  Under […]

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Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is the process of identifying semantic elements contained in text.  Basically,  provide context to works in a sentence.  Semantic elements are usually extracted using a sentence structure that defines elements such as nouns and verbs.   But what if your content is a just a “utterance” or incomplete sentence that has no punctuation or capitalization?  […]

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Our Enterprise Application Service Offerings

Applications and Services offered by Capture Club –    The HAIDIE-ZEN Research Engine        Our Research Engine uses near-real-time Machine Learning and persisted Deep-Learning to provide a rich, highly-relevant result set. –    Natural Language Search Analysis:       Using natural language parsing and heuristic text analytics, our search technology is able to compare a spoken […]

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Generating an Eigen Matrix Genotype From Aggregated Imagery

Generating an Eigen Matrix Genotype From Aggregated Imagery or, the “Eigen Variant” By Kevin M. Cowan and Steve Harris October 10, 2017 Abstract: A familiar theme in facial recognition technology is “Facial recognition is hard, and remains far from an exact science at this point in its evolution.” Currently, the technology used to create useful, […]

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What Sets Capture Club Apart From Other Time and Tracking Apps?

Tracking time and location for resources is certainly nothing new. There are two primary features that separate the Capture Club from other time keeping applications: Technology and Philosophy. In the Grand Scheme of things, both are equally important. I) Technology The Capture Club brings to the table more than 50 years experience developing enterprise applications […]

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