What Does 5 Bucks Buy You These Days? - Capture Club
kmcowan 5 March, 2016 0

What Does 5 Bucks Buy You These Days?

The short answer to this question is: “Not much these days,” and that’s a fact. Five dollars doesn’t take you very far. It will buy you a couple gallons of gas, a couple cheap hamburgers, an expensive cup of coffee… you get the idea. All in all, it doesn’t go very far.
That’s why when you consider the simple fact that the Capture Club charges a flat, no-hidden-fees 5 bucks per month, per user, it really drives home the magnificence of this bargain.
So, you can buy a cheap burger or pizza, an over-priced¬†latte or an assortment of other items, or you can spend your hard-earned money on optimizing your time, and thus providing you the opportunity to make more money. ¬†It’s a win-win, if you think about. it.
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