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Capture.Club is a one-stop shop that takes you from data set to data genius.

We identify your data pain points and generate an analytic portrait which significantly enhances your business insight, taking operations to a new level. We give voice to the questions that reveal answers hiding in your data. We uncover the natural rhythm and work-flow of your supply-chain, and provide analytic insights that increase ROI. Our proprietary methodologies synthesize both structured and non-structured data, using deep data mining techniques creating a multi-layered Document Model.

The foundation of our success are proven solutions.

Delivered on-time: as expected.

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Steve Harris (left) and Kevin Cowan (right) giving a lecture on Solr security at Solr Revolution 2017


Steve has been working with distributed computing and natural language processing (NLP) for more than two decades. Part of Apple's "Newton" engineering team, the experience inspired the architecture for the ZEN interface. Over the years, he has written best practice enterprise-class applications leveraging deep learning and predictive analytics.


Kevin has been full-stack technologist for 20 years, across a wide-swatch of vertical markets, including B2B, Advertising, VoIP and Related Content. In 2007 he created "MemeFinder", which is an adaptive entity extraction framework, which is the core of EMPATHS. He takes pride in creating resource-friendly, robust "intelligent" applications that exceed client expectations.

"Always Leading The Edge"

Through the analysis of structured and unstructured data, Capture.Club takes your data model to a new level of interpretation.

Artificial Intelligence relies on large volumes 
of clean, high-quality data to build sustainable and accurate models. The need to rely on a customizable data strategy is critical to your big data plan.