August 2018 - Capture Club

Why is Everyone Ga-Ga for Amazon’s Recommendations Engine?

  I talk to people about Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics everyday. During the course of that conversation, the topic of Amazon’s Amazing Recommendations generally comes up as an example of the Gold Standard of recommendation engines. But you know what? I really don’t think so. As I was browsing around Amazon the other day, […]

kmcowan 28 August, 2018 0

List All Loaded Classes in the Java JVM Using Nashorn JavaScript

  As I was working through an issue the other day, at one point I wanted to see what was loaded in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  To make matters a bit more tricky, I had to accomplish this using Nashorn JavaScript.  So after a bit of poking around, I found this in Java: import […]

kmcowan 17 August, 2018 0

Oracle Proposes Removing Nashorn from Java ‘Because it’s hard.’

When Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems and thus took over custody of the Java programming language, many of us in the community were concerned that Oracle’s tendency towards side-tracking projects it didn’t find profitable would affect the venerable language. We’ve not been proven wrong. In it’s latest lazy, bone-headed move, the decision to remove Nashorn from […]

kmcowan 16 August, 2018 0

Community Alert: A Customizable 911 Emergency Alert System

  The most valuable things many people have in life are home and family.   Indeed, we spend our lives working to make the perfect home environment, only to have it whisked away as the result of a single emergency.  These days, city/county alert systems tend to be 0ver-burdened, and you don’t always know how long […]

kmcowan 7 August, 2018 0

IBM Global Services: A Case Study in Predictive Analytics

Use Case: A Global parts and services company has branches with teams all over the world.  Providing efficient servicing for these teams requires the coordination of Service Level Agreement (SLA) constraints, part availability from hundreds of downstream, supply chain vendors, and the available staff, taking into consideration union and federal regulations. It desires a system that […]

kmcowan 1 August, 2018 0

Case Study: Sphere and the Case of Contextually Related Content.

We began working with related content provider Sphere over a decade ago.  Sphere was the nexus between thousands of “long-tail” bloggers (E.g. private individuals) and high-volume news sites like CNN, Time and the Wall St. Journal.  Personally, I would say that it was easily one of my most exciting opportunities.  Working there, you really felt […]